How to write a test report for software testing

Digital enterprises have to spend time on every failure in the test report. The challenge here is dealing with a high volume of irrelevant testing data while generating the report. During the phase of the Waterfall development cycle, the QA team compiles and summarizes the test report using spreadsheets during the final stages of the development cycle. The team could use this time for result compilation, report generation, and decision-making. The software testing team faces the following challenges while generating a test report.

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It is not only tested over the defects which were found in the previous. Here, the tester will specify the numerous types of testing performed that are needed particularly for the project. It will ensure the software is tested appropriately as per the software test policy.

How to write a test report for software testing

The problem is you ignored the reporting & evaluation phase in Test Management. The boss has no information to evaluate the quality of this website. They just trusted what you said and released the website without knowing its testing performance. For example, if the test report informs that there are many defects remaining in the product, stakeholders can delay the release until all the defects are fixed. Include information about all testing cycles to ensure that the stakeholders get a proper and clear picture of the efforts of the testing team.

Test reporting is a critical element of the product release process because it allows stakeholders to make informed judgments about whether a product, feature, or defect resolution is ready for release. Using extent reports with Selenium you can show evidence along with the status of test cases so that stakeholders can make informed decisions. It has many other features where you can manage multiple projects, have team collaboration and customize your reports. As you have seen, AI-based reporting can take your automation testing process to the next level. This was due to not having a way to combine and aggregate the results provided by different teams all in one place.

Benefits of Test Reports

Zebrunner is a test management tool with robust testing, reporting, and deployment capabilities. In terms of reporting, the tool accumulates and presents test results in a single dashboard. View and analyze how tests perform over time, details of each execution category, track exceptions, and more. Enables the creation of interactive and detailed reports including events, screenshots, tags, devices, authors, and any other relevant data. The framework reports tests in a table format, which makes it transparent and accessible to all stakeholders. Certain tools also offer recommendations based on current software status.

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While it is largely known for its testing capabilities, the Robot framework should also be considered for its test reporting features. Based on Python and supportive of the BDD approach, Robot is often leveraged for unit testing and acceptance testing. Testsigma is a test automation platform that also offers streamlined and exhaustive test reporting abilities. Stakeholders can configure the platform to generate custom reports that contain only the data relevant to your team, or a specific individual . Everyone on your team should care about test reporting, from the individual tester to your manager or director. Strong test reporting capabilities gives teams full visibility into how effecient and effective their testing cycles are.

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In the ever-evolving world of web development, testing, and automation are crucial components … If your tool is not listed, they also have an API guide to create your custom integration. Another stumbling block I’ve seen with reporting automation test results is that the system storing the test run history isn’t easily accessible in other systems. Your management team will also love Zebrunner’s projects feature.

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Using Zebrunner, I found one thing that makes them stand out from other solutions is that the data is live, and reporting is highly customizable. In the past, I had to work with multiple sprint teams working on the same project who also had dependencies on teams outside of our group. When reviewing the results, I had to remind myself that, the test failure wasn’t a real failure, but rather a known issue that the team was fixing. Now let’s take a look at some examples of automated test reporting in action. Is a Test Automation Management Tool for continuous testing and continuous deployment. It allows you to run various tests and gain successive levels of confidence in the code quality.

What Should a Test Report Contain?

If a user is using your software spending their hard-earned money then keeping your customer satisfied should be your ultimate goal in the software business. The test report must have a detailed description of the whole testing activity. No abstract information will be accepted from the developer’s end. Moreover, they will give you a green signal to release the product on air. If they don’t do that the developers will fix the issue and talk with them again.

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It follows a layered design, and the collaboration between layers in the framework happens to utilize framework libraries. When the test execution is finished, the system creates logs and reports. The reports given by the Robot structure are thorough and contain data about each line that is executed as a piece of the test scenario. ReportPortal is an open-source test reporting service that is integrated with CI\CD, project management tools, and testing frameworks like Cucumber, JBehave, SpecFlow or Jasmine. A test report summary contains all the details of the testing process, what was tested, when was it tested, how it was tested, and the environments where it was tested. Compared to those created in the Waterfall versions, the test summary report in Agile development processes is less formal and more focused on the results.

How to Report Test Execution Effectively

Test Reports were originally started to be used in Waterfall Models. Still, nowadays, teams have started adopting it in Agile Development processes too, which has proved to be of great help. It should mention information like the project name, project type, project duration, product name, product version, and description. The second is the final test summary report to provide the final test results. Extent Reports, created by Anshoo Arora, is a configurable HTML report that can be integrated into Selenium WebDriver utilizing the JUnit and TestNG frameworks. Web Testing Robust solution for end-to-end web automated testing.

  • They just trusted what you said and released the website without knowing its testing performance.
  • They can clearly understand how the team dealt with and resolved the defects.
  • Within the automation dashboard, you can also use visual validation across all platforms in responsive web testing and parallel test execution.
  • If such tools aren’t available, turn to the development team for a test coverage estimate.
  • Test impact analysis and test coping for the upcoming test cycle also add value to the test reviewers and stakeholders.
  • The test report can be the final document which determines if the product is ready for release or not.

Or, if the report is more of an audit that won’t be read by anyone unless a critical bug is detected, the writer can structure the report to include only technical information. While some IT organizations create test reports that are upwards of 20 pages, the document length is subjective. The overall goal of the test report summary is to record the actions and results of a test. This enables the team to make informed decisions on what procedural improvements can be made for future tests.

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